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Long Beach/ Oceanside 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service.

4/15/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Long Beach/Oceanside is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, no matter the size. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is vital. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help.

Call Today - (516) 536-1801

Disaster to your property can strike unexpectedly, and it can be overwhelming not having a plan. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside has the right water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect: 

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • Your insurance information (if applicable).
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business.
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside: 

SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke, or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Categories of a Typical Water Damage.

4/10/2024 (Permalink)

Water damage can come from many different sources, whether it's from a broken water pipe in the home, or from a storm. Once the damage happens, it is important to understand the type of water damage that has occurred. These types of water are classified into three different categories.

Category 1: Clean water. Clean water does not pose a threat to humans. Examples of these are considered broken water pipes or overflowing sinks. 

Category 2: Contaminated or “gray water”. This category typically includes water from a toilet bowl with no feces, water coming in through hydrostatic pressure, or a sump pump failure.

Category 3: "Black" water. This is grossly contaminated and poses a substantial threat to humans. This category includes sewage, water from rising rivers, any outside water source, or water containing heavy bacteria and fungi.

In conclusion, recognizing the various sources of water damage is vital. Equally in importance is having a plan of who to call when water damage hits your property. Here at SERVPRO®, we have seen it all, and are ready to help in your time of need.

Water Damage

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

Here are some steps you should follow if you encounter water damage in your home. First you should try to find out the source of the loss. Sometimes this may be caused by a pipe that has burst, a leak in the roofing, or possibly a toilet overflow. Regardless of the source, you should notify your insurance provider and/also your landlord. Next you should contact us at (516) 536-1801 so we can come and stabilize the loss as fast as possible. Water spreads fast so you need to react quickly to save the conditions of your home. Within 72 hours, growth could start to form which could be hazardous to breathe in. Call us and let an expert handle it! We will come and make it look “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage

11/30/2021 (Permalink)

As the winter is approaching, it is important to understand that severe weather conditions could potentially cause damage to your home. In some cases, your pipes could freeze and burst if not insulated correctly which could cause water damage in your home/building. As SERVPRO of Long Beach Oceanside, we specialize in water removal as well as reconstruction. Our goal is to make your loss look “Like it never even happened.” We understand the feeling of seeing your home in shambles, our goal is to make it as least stressful as possible and remediate and repair it as fast as possible. SERVPRO will arrive on site and immediately start working no matter what time of the day, day of the week, or month of the year! We are here to help! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (631) 536-1801.


10/28/2021 (Permalink)

There are many different causes for water damage in a home. To explain some, you could experience severe weather, clogged gutters, leaking pipes, washing machine water supply line leak, condensation from your AC, plumbing issues, blocked drains, malfunctioning sprinkler systems, or a leaking water heater, to name a few. With that being said, it is almost impossible to plan for a loss. The best thing to do in a situation like any of these is to let the professionals take care of it. SERVPRO has specialized equipment and trained professionals which will ensure that the job gets done efficiently and effectively. SERVPRO follows the 1-4-8 rule which means that a SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside will contact you and arrange service within one hour from notice of the loss. Within four hours, SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside will arrive on-site to start mitigation services. Within eight hours, SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside will initiate a verbal briefing of the scope of damage and needed mitigation efforts. If you have any questions, please call us at (516) 536-1801.

Do You See Water Damage In Your Home?

10/14/2021 (Permalink)

Seeing water inside your home is never a pleasant sight. We of SERVPRO understand that and will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. We will make the cleanup and restoration process as quick and simple as we can in order to get your home back to normal. SERVPRO will extract any standing water in your home, then place professional drying equipment to ensure there is no moisture present or mold in the future. It is important to contact SERVPRO as soon as you notice water damage to ensure no mold forms (as it takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to start growing). If you have any questions regarding water damage or mold in your home/building please contact us at (516)-536-1801.

What Does A Typical Water Damage Restoration Exercise In Oceanside Involve?

4/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer For water intrusions in your Oceanside home, call the experts at SERVPRO at (516) 536-1801.

SERVPRO Takes Care of All the Nitty-Gritty of Water Damage Remediation in Oceanside Properties

The ease of movement from one point to another is one of the significant considerations when choosing a place to live, which means an area with a good road network is favorable to many people. Even if you rarely pay attention to roads, you are bound to notice if emergency services take time navigating through traffic to reach your property when you need help. Oceanside has several interconnected roads, including Rockaway Avenue, Oceanside Road, Atlantic Avenue, and several others.

Apart from roads, there are several other ways to get in and out of Oceanside. For instance, the final stop for the Long Island Railroad is off Lawson Boulevard. Travel by boat is also viable along the coast or on various waterways within the area.

Open Spaces and Public Areas

When not going to work or staying at home, public places are the next best places to spend time.  An area with numerous public places where you can partake in hiking, picnicking, or other relaxing activities is desirable. In Oceanside, there are several open spaces that people visit, including:

  • Marine Nature Study Area

The area is idyllic and perfect for a relaxing walk as you enjoy the scenery, which includes open grass patches, ponds, and slightly wooded areas. There are numerous bird types in the area, including Ospreys and Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds. Changing tides expose the mudflats creating a unique experience.

  • Oceanside Park

The park is a large waterfront property located on Mahlon Brower Drive. It has several sports fields for handball, tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Its location adjacent to the bay means it is normally windy, although that is not an issue when engaging in physical activities. The stream running on the edge of the park provides an excellent location for kids to explore.

  • Middle Bay Country Club

If your ideal relaxation is playing a round of golf, The Middle Bay Country Club is a perfect location to tee off within Oceanside. The course lies on the southern shore of Long Island, providing unique views of the bay. The course is airy with nice fairways and manicured greens.

What Issues Does SERVPRO Take Care of During Water Damage Restoration?

After burst pipes or other issues damage your house, you are likely to focus on the primary concerns, such as extracting water or drying wet materials. However, restoring your property also involves many other minor issues.  

Depending on the water damage level from higher moisture quantities, the water removal process may involve several steps, including carpet or floorboards removal, the teardown of drywall, and punching of weep holes in the ceiling. Although these processes are helpful, they also heighten the burden of restoring the home to its preloss state. SERVPRO handles such additional tasks with ease since we are used to handling:

  • Emergency services water damage 
  • Water damage remediation 
  • Flood restoration

Our SERVPRO technicians take care of things like reinstalling and seaming carpets, installing tack strips, cleaning and repairing items in non-living areas like attics, basements, or crawl spaces. We also deodorize the property to rid it of unpleasant odors.

SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside handles all types of water damage loss. Call us at (516) 536-1801 when you need assistance.  

How Long Does it Take to Drain a Flooded Property?

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

a woman holding a bucket to catch water falling from her ceiling Excess water has you frantic? Call team SERVPRO for water removal and water damage remediation services. We are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Water Removal Services are Available Twenty-Four Hours-a-Day for Oceanside Residents

Oceanside is a collection of small towns and villages known as a hamlet in New York State's Nassau County. The region was first settled upon by English Puritans who originally named the area Christian Hook in 1674. Proximity to Long Beach and the eastern coast saw Christian Hook prosper as a prime spot for oysters and other marine trades, with Mott's Landing's prime location. By 1864 the town was renamed Oceanville, famous for sales of Oyster and other seafood-related products. It was not until 1890 that the hamlet gained its modern title of Oceanside. 

From the twentieth century onward, Oceanside fulfilled much of the requirements of a bedroom community. Close connection to New York City via the Long Island Railway ensured that many larger cities' residents moved onto the shore side hamlet. The low-lying flat grounds around Oceanside have made it at a higher risk of extreme weather and flooding issues. These issues were brought to a head in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy had a devastating impact on the local community and commerce. Despite the high flood risk in the area, many residents have decided to stay put with minimal effect on housing prices.

  • The Marine Study Conservation Area on Slice Drive is home to rare birds and wildlife that frequent the east coast of America. An abundance of local fish in the area ensures that the conserved nature continues to prosper while regular tours are available for residents and visitors.
  • The Barrier Brewing Company on New Street has a rotating tap selection of up to twelve craft brews at any one time. One of the earliest Nathan's Famous restaurants is located on Long Beach Road, serving fresh seafood from the bay.
  • Popular streets in Oceanside include Long Beach Road, Oceanside Road, and Atlantic Avenue. Despite primarily being a residential community, these few streets offer some excellent food options and nightlife as well as occasional live entertainment. 

SERVPRO Can Address Water Intrusion Concerns with Professional Removal Equipment

Water intrusion can take a long time to clean up. Our service uses a roster of local, certified technicians to conduct superb water removal for Oceanside residents. We carefully assess the conditions in your home before putting in place a recovery gameplan. Our crew chiefs regularly work with local and national insurance adjusters to perform restoration and provide you with a verbal estimate as soon as possible. Large bodies of water can frequently be extracted using electrically powered pumps and portable water extractors. 

  • Water extraction units combine heating, vacuum, and dispersal elements to quickly draw water out of a residential property.
  • We have several types of submersible pumps, including high-pressure pumps and self-priming trash pumps.
  • Our proper drying techniques can help to reduce the likelihood of secondary damages caused by residual moisture.

Get a fast resolution to water intrusion issues. Contact SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside for water removal at (516) 536-1801.

Oceanside Library Budget Workshop Meeting

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. If a pipe bursts in your bathroom do you know who to call? SERVPRO should be the first thought when it comes to water damage restoration.

Book Oceanside Library Access Online for All Library Activities

Library budgets for the Library and the Board are prepared by the library staff and the Library Board of Trustees for review at the upcoming budget workshop. Members of the public residing in the Oceanside School District area can vote on the proposed budget. The Administration and Library Board of Trustees for the Oceanside Library is made up of 7 volunteers.  

The next Oceanside New York Library Board budget workshop meeting is planned for:

Feb 9th, 2021

Beginning 5:30 pm.

Meetings are held at the Library, 30 Davison Ave in Oceanside, New York.

Meetings are held monthly. Check the Library's calendar for upcoming meetings.

During the current health situation, residents are asked to book times to visit the Library. Activities included - Browsing for books, borrowing books, using library computers, making photocopies, and researching. The Library quarantines books for seven days before being made available to the public.

SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside provides water damage mitigation assistance to Oceanside residential and commercial buildings and surrounding areas. Call (516) 536-1801. Our SERVPRO team is ready to respond 24/7 to help with all your water damage mitigation needs.

Long Beach, City by the Sea

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Water damage restoration is no easy task. SERVPRO has IICRC certified technicians for the job. They have the knowledge and experience you need.

Fishing, Surfing, Swimming, Soaking Up the Sun at Long Beach

Long Beach resides on a barrier island along the southern shore of Long Island, New York. In addition to Long Beach, there are three other areas – East Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Lido Beach. The original residents of the area were the Rockaway Indians. They sold the island to English settlers in 1643. Long Beach Island was used as a base for fishing and farmers harvesting salt grass. For more than two centuries, no one lived on the island year-round. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s when investors began to believe the area was worth developing, especially with access to the beautiful sandy beaches.

Long Island Railroad laid track was from Lynbrook to Long Beach, and a hotel opened along with 27 cottages in 1880. Over 300,000 people came to Long Beach on the railway in the first year to visit the hotel, the beach, and enjoy the water. The area gradually developed further, suffered fires and depression style conditions, and even participated in prohibition-style bootlegging during the 1920s. After a period of decline, Long Beach saw the benefits from urban renewal beginning in the 1980s and continuing in the ’90s.

Hurricane Sandy introduced a setback in 2012, destroying the boardwalk and many homes in the city. The boardwalk reopened in 2013 after $4.4 million was spent on reconstruction of the boardwalk. There was over $250 million in damage to the town. The city is recovering with grants from FEMA and the state.

The Beach at Long Beach

Long Beach is a perfect place to get away and relax on the sand in the sun; that’s why it is affectionately known as the “City by the Sea.” Visitors and locals enjoy the white sandy beaches and the boardwalk, which goes on for 2.2 miles. While some relax and soak up the rays, many try surfing, play volleyball, attend free concerts and enjoy great food at one of the food trucks. You can find people enjoying a walk along the boardwalk, jogging, and even cycling on the promenade.

Resident passes are required for access to the beach area. Visitors can also purchase passes. These passes will cost double the rate of what residents are paying. Health guidelines are being followed, and both residents and visitors should make themselves aware of the requirements at the time of their visit.

Lido Beach

Lido beach is a fun family beach area offering barbequing areas, family picnics for larger gatherings. Live concerts are also offered during the summer and various sports such as basketball, bocce, handball, and volleyball. Fishing is allowed early in the day. Surfing is not permitted on Lido Beach. However, surfers can try their skills at West Lido Beach.

Skudin Surf

Surfing on the beach is one of the most popular activities. Skudin Surf teaches surfing to swimmers of all ages and abilities while having fun and being safe. There are private lessons, group lessons, and camps available. Corporate events and birthday parties are also popular for people looking for something different for their events. Surf instruction is offered at:

  • Long Beach
  • Lido-Nickerson Beach
  • Rockaway Beach

SERVPRO has over 30 years of experience, and the family business is operated by two brothers following in their father’s footsteps. Be safe and learn how to surf the right way.

There are many other activities available in the city, including restaurants, pubs, and art studios. 

One of these art studios is Earth Arts of Long Beach.

Earth Arts of Long Beach

Located on West Park Ave in Long Beach, Earth Arts of Long Beach offers adult workshops, kids art classes, summer camps, and private classes. The shop also provides a variety of events for children, teens, and adults. For example:

  • Fall/winter children’s art series,
  • Advanced Artist Series
  • Adult events include Sip N’ Paint with Frank.

Nolan’s Pub, The Maine Course, Minnesota’s are a few pubs and restaurants with excellent reviews in the Long Beach, New York Area.

Parks, Playgrounds Near the Beach

Long Beach is only 2 square miles, with one side bordering Reynolds Channel and the other side facing the Atlantic Ocean. Almost all parks are near the beach. A partial list of parks and playgrounds include:

  • Brookline Playground (NEW),
  • Georgia Park,
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Magnolia Playground,
  • Pacific Playground and
  • Clark Street Playground.

All of the parks include nearby tables for enjoying lunch; however, not all include bathrooms. Georgia Park is close to shops and restaurants, and the beach. The park is equipped with play structures, a splash area, and swings. Magnolia Park is located on Magnolia Blvd and the boardwalk close to the concession building and is suitable for toddlers. Pacific Playground, located on Shore Road at Pacific Blvd, has a large playground on the sand offering tables for picnics and several structures.

SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Technicians Can Save Your Hardwood Floor in Long Beach

Damage to hardwood flooring can be minimized, and floors even returned to the original condition if our technicians can quickly apply water extraction techniques and equipment. Water tends to penetrate the hardwood planks and will be gradually absorbed by the wood if left in place long enough. The hardwood planks may begin to swell, causing cupping, warping, and cracks.

Our team has the equipment to detect and remove water and moisture even in difficult to reach locations before the wood has a chance to absorb sufficient moisture to cause these problems. SERVPRO uses specialized equipment to remove all water and moisture, for example:

  • Moisture sensors and imaging cameras
  • Portable and truck-mounted water extraction equipment for any size challenge
  • Deep extraction tools including matt style for hardwood floors
  • Air movers and dehumidifiers to lower the humidity to ambient levels.

SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside provides water damage restoration assistance to Long Beach residential and commercial buildings and surrounding areas. Call (516) 536-1801. Our SERVPRO team is ready to respond 24/7 to help with all your water damage restoration needs.

Open Tables at Long Beach's Unique Seafood Restaurants this December.

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

van in front of building We hope to see you at Ben's Crab!

Long Beach residents are Queuing Up to Savour the Delicious Shellfish Caught Fresh from the Ocean at Ben's Crab.

If you want to experience the flavor of Long Beach truly, the best way is by booking a table at some of our beachfront restaurants. Ben's Crab has earned a solid reputation among Long Beach Rd locals for its excellent selection of beers, snow crabs, and deep-fried seafood. From December, open tables are available for reservation throughout the Christmas period. Nearby Oceanside got its name from the fantastic fresh oysters caught locally and served each afternoon. From 2 pm till 10:30 pm each day, residents can head down to Ben's Crab for a selection of Clam Chowder, Crawfish, Shrimp, and King Crabs.

    •    Ben's Crab originally began as a single seafood restaurant but has grown to include three locations along the south shore.
    •    A wide selection of cocktails is available, including Lychee Martinis, Mango Mojitos, and Chilled Margaritas.
    •    Locally sourced beer on tap includes Abita Purple Haze and Blue Point Toasted Hops.

Rising tide levels can lead to water intrusion in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside at (516) 536-1801 for local water extraction services.

Is it Possible to Dry Wall Cavities in the Home?

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment SERVPRO's state of the art equipment helps us to provide excellent service. We leave your home only when it is dry and ready for a build back.

SERVPRO Mitigates Losses Through Water Damage Restoration and Can Help Rescue Long Beach Homes.

How does water get into wall cavities?

Wall cavities can be particularly susceptible to long-term damage in your Long Beach home. Once water enters an enclosure like a wall cavity, it can take a long time to dry or lead to secondary injuries like mold growth. These issues can occur through plumbing issues or structural issues. Sometimes humid outdoor air can condensate within cavities leading to a water damage issue. These issues are typically identifiable by discoloration in paint or visible signs of cracking on interior walls. SERVPRO applied structural drying (ASD) technicians can help to remedy wall cavity issues in your home.

What equipment is useful for dealing with cavity damages?

General construction equipment to gain access to the cavity.

Adapted air-moving equipment to dry out a cavity.

Specialist systems like injectidry equipment.

Is it possible to ventilate a wall cavity?

Many different equipment types can help cavity water damage restoration in your Long Beach home. Drying and ventilating equipment usually feature vents attached to air-movers or flex-hoses that are attached to a blower. These equipment are generally applied by drilling discrete holes beneath the baseboard of a wall. From here, the equipment can circulate dry air into the cavity to dry it effectively. SERVPRO technicians can use multiple air-movement equipment to tackle cavity damages in your home.

What are the critical aspects of using air-movers?

Ensure that the vents for air-movers are clear without any blockages to prevent overheating and equipment damage.

Control electrical hazards by using Ground Flow Circuit Interrupters (GFCI), which can prevent hydro electric malfunction.

Check air-mover motors are thermally protected with three-prong plugs before using.

Restoring wall cavities can be a time-consuming task without specialized equipment. Contact SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside at (516) 536-1801. 

How Can Kitchen Sink Pipe Leaks Affect My Home?

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen Sink We know the steps to get your Oceanside kitchen back from water damage.

Restoration Pros Perform Rapid Response Water Removal for Oceanside Homes

The kitchen is a particularly vulnerable area for home water damage, even in drier locales like Oceanside. Plumbing leaks and appliance mishaps alone can cause damage in hard-to-reach areas like wall cavities, cabinetry, and behind appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators.

SERVPRO performs water removal services for your Oceanside kitchen that are compliant with restoration industry benchmarks and SERVPRO’s best practices. Technicians receive a comprehensive education in the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)'s standards to ensure that home mitigation and restoration are done to code.

How Kitchen Sink Leaks Cause Structural Damage

  • Wood rot in the under-sink cabinets. Contrary to popular belief, wood rots not from moisture exposure, but from fungal growth that thrives on eating wood, many of which lie dormant in the wood itself.
  • Warping, cupping, and buckling wood. While wood naturally expands and contracts from moisture exposure, absorbing unusually high amounts of water causes wood to deform and lose its structural integrity over time. Check if the sink cabinet’s surface is noticeably bowed or uneven.
  • An ideal environment for mold growth. Mold thrives in dark, damp areas of the home like underneath sinks. The sugars and proteins in wood also provide plenty of organic material for fungi to eat.

SERVPRO Sanitizes and Dries Water-Damaged Cabinetry

SERVPRO technicians prepare cabinets for drying with a variety of tools and techniques:

  • The toe-kick may be removed to drill holes into cabinetry for ventilation.
  • Portable extraction tools, in tandem with moisture measurement tools, help restore your cabinets to appropriate moisture levels for drying.
  • Centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers work together to dry wood to its appropriate moisture content.

SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside is only a phone call away from rendering service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster when you call (516) 536-1801.

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Can Water Intrusion or Flooding in Oceanside Lead to Microbial Growth?

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used in water damaged room SERVPRO is available 24/7 to handle your water loss events.

Water Incidents in Oceanside can provide the Conditions for Uncontrolled Growth of Bacteria, Viruses, and Mold

Oceanside properties are at a high risk of water intrusion and should seek professional assistance to limit secondary harm.

What are the leading causes of water intrusion for beachfront properties?

Homeowners may frequently require professional water removal services here in Oceanside. Proximity to the sea can increase the chances of groundwater eruption, saltwater intrusion, and floods. Sometimes these situations are linked to weather conditions like heavy rainfall, which can raise the groundwater level. Groundwater levels can also heighten when water from the sea enters the bay, a phenomenon known as a saltwater intrusion.

How can I tell if my home is victim to groundwater intrusion?

Groundwater travels in aquifers beneath the ground. These aquifers can overflow, which causes water to rise through the soil and reach the surface level. When water tables reach a certain height, they can begin to affect your property, starting in the foundations, moving up through crawlspaces, and, eventually, moving up through floors on the ground level. Controlling this type of water intrusion can be challenging because systematic methods, such as blocking entranceways, is less effective. In many cases, drains are unable to transport water away from the street or property because they, too, are overflowing. We offer water restoration technicians to oceanside residents that require emergency draining of the property as well as the transportation and disposal of large amounts of groundwater.

What makes groundwater flooding different from other types of water intrusion?

  • Water rises from the ground, rather than from rainfall or a water source like a burst dam
  • Groundwater brings silts, debris, and muds into the home, so we classify it as a blackwater emergency
  • Crawlspaces, foundations and subterranean areas of the house are the most affected by groundwater flooding
  • It can be challenging to drain properties in areas where aquifers are overflowing as they can limit the effectiveness of sewer and plumbing systems
  • There can be significant water migration into cavities and subfloors which are tough to dry out due to restricted accessibility for equipment

What professional services should I look for to restore groundwater intrusion?

When waters in Oceanside rise from the ground, they can cause significant harm in the structural cavities of your property. Particular areas of concern can be the subfloor, which is usually constructed of wood or concrete and can be adversely affected by water exposure leading to mold, warping or cupping of frames and jointing. Our roster of technicians at SERVPRO includes applied structural drying technicians (ASD) who are experts at finding and removing moisture from hard to reach areas. ASD technicians have an essential skillset for dealing with water intrusion.

How do I dry out the cavities of my home after water intrusion?

Your home is full of cavities that ventilate, structure, and store materials like sheetrock. These areas of the house can suffer significantly with water intrusion, which can lead to mold growth, rotting, and structural harm. There are physical barriers to restoring cavities as well, like drywall. Our technicians can perform a controlled demolition to remove obstacles and gain access to structural cavities temporarily. We can then circulate warm air into these areas to dry them thoroughly and reduce the chances of mold growth.

How can I find out if there is water migration into cavities?

  • You can place moisture sensors onto the wall's surface, which measures the temperature and provides an accurate reading water levels behind the wall.
  • You can probe the subfloor of your home by using a moisture meter. You can also use moisture meters to assess the water content of materials
  • Boroscopes provide exact information on cavity conditions. However, they do require some invasive procedures. Drill small holes into the wall to feed the boroscope behind drywall.
  • Hire thermal imaging cameras to assess larger areas of the wall without having to remove drywall
  • Remove small sections of drywall or carpet pads to perform a visual inspection of the cavity. Removal of physical barriers can aid in the drying process

Can you drywall cavities without demolishing drywall or remove flooring?

Some equipment like injectidry systems is less invasive when drying wall cavities. SERVPRO technicians drill small holes beneath the baseboard of the home. They can then attach injector nozzles to the wall and circulate warm air into the cavity. Floors can benefit from placing drying mats onto the floor. This equipment covers a larger surface area and uses a centrifugal vacuum to draw moisture out of the subfloor without removing it.

Water intrusion in your property can cause water migration into wall cavities. Without proper restoration, these cavities can become hotbeds for microbial activity, commonly leading to mold growth. By enlisting ASD technicians, you can ensure that these hard to reach areas receive appropriate drying treatment and limit the secondary losses to your home.

For specialist cavity drying technicians, contact SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside at (516) 536-1801.

What is the Best Way to Deodorize After a Water Leak in Oceanside?

4/10/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

Technicians Perform Water Cleanup including Deodorization in Oceanside Homes

Dealing with water cleanup in your Oceanside home after a water leak may be daunting, but it is critical to deal with it right away; otherwise, you may face secondary damage such as warped flooring or dangerous mold infestations. Sometimes a pungent odor remains, indicating an underlying issue. The water restoration specialists at SERVPRO skillfully uncover the issue and then proceed to eliminate it.

Why is There an Odor After a Water Spill?
Several things that may cause a smell after a water leak in Oceanside. It could be that the water itself was contaminated and considered gray (category 2) or black water (category 3). There is also the possibility that you missed drying a wet surface, causing an odor as the water soaks into the material.

What Do Technicians do to Keep Odors from Developing?
    •    Remove water using portable and truck-mounted extraction equipment
    •    Make multiple passes to suck up as much water as possible
    •    Dry the affected area with air movers and dehumidifiers

How Do You Deal with the Smell After Cleanup?
    •    Find and remove the source
    •    Use masking agents such as time-release beads
    •    Use filtration and absorption agents like activated charcoal
    •    Use disinfectant and sanitizers to stop odor-causing bacteria and fungal growth

In cases where the odor is strong SERVPRO technicians may use an Ozone generator that uses ozone gas to mix with odor particles. The extra oxygen changes the chemical structure of the odor particles and reduces the scent. The best defense against odor after a spill is to extract and dry right away, however, when odors develop, our technicians use multiple techniques that address each specific situation.

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside at (516) 536-1801. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

For more about Oceanside click here.

Oceanside Properties Receive TLC from SERVPRO during Water Damaging Events

3/7/2020 (Permalink)

small air mover in a den drying water off the floor Need Water Removal in Your Oceanside Home? SERVPRO has the Team and Equipment--"Like it never even happened."

Water Removal Service Helps Oceanside Resident Salvage Most Possessions

As anyone familiar with Oceanside knows, local winter temperatures can get quite frigid at times.  These freezing periods are not only uncomfortable; they often cause serious problems for homeowners like Patrick, a local office worker, who recently had to deal with the devastating effects of a ruptured water pipe.  One morning, without warning, he awoke to inches of standing water in his house.  Fortunately, a water removal service like SERVPRO can save his home and salvage most of his prized possessions.

Patrick’s first reaction to this morning nightmare was panic. Concerned that irreparable damage had already been done, he was unsure if an Oceanside water removal service could save any of his waterlogged belongings.  After he got his bearings, Patrick searched on his phone for a service that might be able to help.  This was when, for this narrative, he found SERVPRO and learned about their extensive experience in mitigating water damage and restoring affected items.  This homeowner soon found out there is a science to rapidly drying out materials and surrounding air.  It takes the right technical knowledge and specialized equipment to do the job right.      

Shortly after contacted, SERVPRO can send their technicians to develop a drying plan for the affected parts of the Oceanside house.  They first established a drying goal, based on the moisture levels of unaffected rooms, which would return inundated or wet areas to their original dryness.  Progress toward this goal was monitored daily by measuring specific humidity and using moisture meters to check moisture contents.

SERVPRO started its drying project with extractors to remove as much standing water as possible since physical water extraction is over a thousand times more efficient than dehumidification.  Once they removed as much water as they could, company technicians brought in portable heaters to increase room temperatures to between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This heating raised the moisture-carrying capacity of the air and facilitated increased evaporation.  Next, within twenty-four hours, workers used dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air and reduce its relative humidity to below 40%.  Simultaneously, they strategically positioned air movers to draw in dry, warm air and blow out the damp.  All this sped up the drying process.  

After the process ended, Patrick was pleased to find that most of his belongings had been saved.  If ever faced with a similar situation, you can contact SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside at (516) 536 – 1801.            

Oceanside Restoration Professionals Talk About the Importance of Using Air Movement to Drying Water Damage

1/21/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood floor; SERVPRO drying equipment drying floor When you experience a water loss event, call SERVPRO. We are always standing by with the equipment to dry your water damaged home.

Air Movement Affects Drying in Damaged Oceanside Condos 

Drying any damaged property after a water loss incident can be a challenge, and when our professionals work on your Oceanside condo, we face several obstacles before finding success. One of the most significant hurdles that our water restorers must face is how different one water loss scenario is from another. While specific principles govern all drying, such as airflow, time, and temperature, the affected materials, and areas of the property demand a different balance of these conditions. 

In your condo, many of the construction materials are higher quality, making water damage in Oceanside condos more manageable when a fast response occurs. Hardwood cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, for example, are more water-resistant and often cheaper to restore on-site than the cost of removal and replacement. Regulating airflow can be a significant component of the successful recovery of these premium construction materials and structural elements. 

The layout of the condo, including the placement of windows and doors that can open dictate how air movement must either enter or exit the damaged areas. We must also determine if unplanned openings like cracks or gaps (some of which that might have recently formed with the newly developing water loss) exist. Controlling and directing airflow can maximize drying, while mismanagement can lead to costlier material replacement and restoration. 

Our SERVPRO water restoration professionals have trained through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) that shows the greater a technician’s understanding of ingress, egress, and movement through a damaged property, the faster structures can get recovered. Our team must determine the presence of air coming into the environment, or infiltration, and where we can allow it to exit the premises to reduce humid conditions in the drying space. 

Controlling the airflow in a building can reduce the migration of water from your condo to a neighboring unit, and can also protect the exposed structural elements that must get dried to restore your property. Our SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside team can help to make water losses “Like it never even happened,” when you call (516) 536-1801. 

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Our Experts Discuss Dealing With Water Damage In Long Beach

12/15/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged wood flooring Call (516) 536-1801 to make your house “Like it never even happened.”

Dealing with Water Damage from an Overloaded Dishwasher in Long Beach Over the Holidays

Preparing dinner parties and lavish gatherings mean your Long Beach home's kitchen gets very busy during the winter holidays. All of these dirty dishes, pots, pans, and utensils need pre-rinsing before going into the dishwasher to prevent clogs. Using hot water can help melt any semi-solids beforehand. When you start cleaning up after guests leave, being tired might tempt you to only partly rinse plates and dishes, which can lead to clogs in the drain.

A clog in the dishwasher's drain line can leave your home in Long Beach primed for water damage. The hot water used to clean things up can speed up any damage, as well, dissolving any glues or backings holding your flooring together. Water at such high temperatures can also discolor carpets or wood floors, either by bleaching the area or by leaving water rings. Saturating your floor's underlay materials might cause warping, buckling, and weak spots. SERVPRO technicians know how to mitigate the damage, so these problems subside in scope, reducing the amount of restoration your property needs.

We want to get the water cleaned up to reduce the amount of drying time required. Because of the detergent used in the dishwasher, we rely on our building team to provide this step in the mitigation process. They bring in carpet cleaning equipment that can handle the mess and provide adequate suction to the area. Cleaning the rest of the kitchen floor, when carpeted, can cancel out any water rings, as well.

The looseness of wooden plank flooring lets a great deal of water to soak the underside of these boards. This is the primary cause of cupping. We might need to remove a few of these boards so our InjectiDry system can more efficiently withdraw the moisture trapped underneath. Infrared cameras can show us the extent of the water under the floorboards, allowing us to use only the number of mats necessary.

Our moisture meters help determine the progress we make throughout the job. Too fast and wet wood might split. Too slowly, and we run the risk of letting microbes flourish. Different materials also require different percentages of moisture, and each needs to reach a specific range again to prevent the migration of water vapor within your home.

SERVPRO of Long Beach / Oceanside is always ready and nearby when residents in Atlantic Beach, Lido beach, or Point Lookout want mitigation and restoration of water damage. We handle all sizes of disasters, from dishwasher overflows to week-long broken pipes discovered after coming home from vacation. Call (516) 536-1801 to make your house “Like it never even happened.”

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