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Types of Water That May Affect your Long Beach/Oceanside Home

12/13/2018 (Permalink)

There are three types of water when it comes to flooding in your home:

  • Category 1: "Clean Water" This type originates from a sanitary source and does not pose any substantial threat to humans
  • Category 2: "Gray Water" This type refers to a source of water that contains a significant degree of Chemical, Biological or Physical contaminants. Examples would be, sump pump failures or water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines.
  • Category 3: "Black Water" This type of water is grossly unsanitary. This water contains many harmful agents & bacteria's. This category includes water sources from sewage, seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water or standing water.

Sometimes, Category 2 water that is not promptly removed from the structure may be re-classified as Category 3 water.

Luckily, here at SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside we are IICRC certified Water Damage Restoration technicians. If you have water damage in your home we would be happy to come & assess the category or water! Call us today 516-536-1801!

Damaged Hardwood Flooring in your Long Beach/Oceanside home? Let us help!

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Damaged Hardwood Flooring in your Long Beach/Oceanside home? Let us help! Damaged Hardwood Flooring in your Long Beach/Oceanside home? Let us help!

Flooding and hardwood flooring do not mix. For most of us Long Beach/Oceanside residents who live through hurricanes or reside in flood prone areas, this is no surprise. If a lot of water, flood related or not-comes into contact with your wood flooring, it will never be quite the same as new again. The sooner we attend to your wet floors, the better. Even if you believe your floors are so well finished that water cannot penetrate, believe us IT CAN. The key to saving your wood flooring is speediness. Here at SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside we are highly trained in removing water and restoring your hardwood flooring to preloss condition with our advanced water extraction & drying equipment. Contact us at 516-536-1801 we are open 24-hours 7 days a week!  

Keep your Long Beach/Oceanside Home Safe During the Holiday Season

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Keep your Long Beach/Oceanside Home Safe During the Holiday Season Keep your Long Beach/Oceanside Home Safe During the Holiday Season!

While holiday decorating is all about adding fun, sparkle and warmth to a very special season, it is very important to remember that many of our favorite decorations carry the risk of electrical injuries or fires if not used properly.

Here are some tips on how to keep your home/self safe when setting up lights/decorations:

  • Before you put them up make sure to inspect all lights, electric decorations and extension cor

  • ds for signs of damage to wire insulation, plugs and bulbs. If cords and plugs are damaged, discard and replace the decorations.

  • If you are planning on decorating outside, make sure to use lights and decorations that are rated for outdoor use. Putting indoor-only products outside in the weather can result in electric shocks and fire hazards

  • When hanging Christmas lights outdoors, reduce your risk of electric shock by passing up on metal ladders in favor for wood or fiberglass-reinforced plastic.
  • Always unplug lights before changing bulbs, replacing fuses or making any other repairs

  • If you need to replace a bulb in a string of Christmas lights, make sure that the wattage rating of the replacement bulb you’re using matches that of the light strand. Using a bulb with too high a wattage can cause the light string to overheat which creates a big fire risk.
  • DO NOT overload extension cords.
  • Make sure wires are not warm to the touch.
  • ALWAYS turn off all the lights & decorations before going to bed or leaving the house.

If your home has been affected by fire damage this holiday season be sure to contact SERVPRO or Long Beach/Oceanside at 516-536-1801

Reentering your Flooded Oceanside/Long Beach Home

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

When returning home after natural disasters such as hurricanes & floods you must be aware that your house may be contaminated with mold or sewage.

Here are some tips from the CDC on what to do when you first reenter your home after a water disaster:

  • Try to return to your home during the daytime so that you do not have to use any lights. Use battery-powered flashlights and lanterns, rather than candles, gas lanterns, or torches.

  • If you have standing water in your home and can turn off the main power from a dry location, then go ahead and turn off the power, even if it delays cleaning. If you MUST enter standing water to access the main power switch, then call and electrician to turn it off. NEVER turn power on or off yourself or use an electrical tool or appliance while standing in water.

  • Have an electrician check the homes electrical system before turning the power on again.

  • If you smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off the main gas valve & open all windows. Notify your gas company or the police/fire dept and do not turn on the lights or do anything that could cause a spark.

  • If your house has been closed up for several days, enter briefly to open doors and windows to let the house air out for a while before you stay for any length of time.

  • If your home has been flooded and has been closed up for several days assume your home has mold.

  • Throw away food that may have come into contact with flood or storm water, perishable foods that have not been refrigerated properly due to power outages.

  • Flood water can contaminate your drinking water. Some contaminates from surface water get into the groundwater and affect private drinking water wells and municipal water systems that use groundwater. Follow your local guidance on whether your water is safe to drink

Contact SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside at 516-536-1801 immediately if your home has been affected by water/mold after a flood in your home. We specialize in water restoration to restore your home to pre-flood conditions.

Smoke Cleanup in your Long Beach/Oceanside Home

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

Once you and your family are safe from a fire in your home you will need to contact a professional smoke and fire clean up service to assess the damage. We here at SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside specialize in fire & smoke restoration.

Smoke damage comes in many forms the most noticeable being:

  • Electrical Damage- Wiring, cords, switches, fuses, breaker boxer and outlets may all be affected
  • Odors-Surfaces of your home, specifically fabric items, may not show visible sings right away but they may contain a smoky odor. The smell of smoke gets trapped in clothing, carpets drapes and other upholstered furniture. Unless these items are properly cleaned by a professional service they may retain the smoky smell for a long period of time.
  • Discoloration- On walls, ceilings and appliances throughout your home. Within a few short days walls and flooring can turn yellow. Plastic surfaces & wood can also become discolored and warped. Metal hardware can show signs of rust and corrosion. Counter tops/tiles that contain porous stone such as marble or granite can become permanently discolored if not treated.

Smoke can also cause:

  • Interior Damage- Smoke can permeate walls and ceilings and cause damage to the homes structure, insulation, air ducts and wall studs.

We at SERVPRO of Long Beach/ Oceanside use specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from ceilings, walls and other surfaces as well as cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting all restorable items and structures that were damaged by the fire. We’re also trained to remove odors using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment. Contact us at 516-536-1801 for all your fire restoration needs!

The Importance of Sump Pumps in your Long Beach/Oceanside Home

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

If the water table around your house is high enough, you’re going to have water that seeps into your basement/foundation. This is especially true during heavy rains and periods of excessive snow melt. Depending on the water table and other variables, this can mean either a little dampness or full blown flooding.

That’s where sump pumps come in. Sump pumps are installed underneath the floor of basements and crawl spaces to collect ground water before it can threaten flood to your home.

If you have a sump pump in your Long Beach/Oceanside home, be sure to check it regularly. Most sump pumps run on electricity, so a common issue is lost power. A battery backup is a wise investment to reduce the threat of power failure.

If your home has been flooded due to excessive snow melt or rain fall be sure to contactSERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside to assist in water extraction. We are highly trained professionals who will be onsite immediately.

Winter Weather Quickly Approaching Long Beach/Oceanside!

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

General Winter Weather Quickly Approaching Long Beach/Oceanside! Winter Weather Quickly Approaching Long Beach/Oceanside!

As many of us native New Yorkers know, NY winters can often bring extreme cold, ice, sleet, heavy snow and freezing rain. It is extremely important to be prepared for these upcoming winter months!

Here are some tips from NYC Emergency Management on how to prepare for upcoming winter weather:

  • Install storm shutters on doors and windows; clean out gutters; repair any roof leaks
  • Insulate walls and attic. Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows. Install storm windows, or cover windows with plastic from the inside.
  • Have safe emergency heating equipment available. For residences with functioning fireplaces, keep an ample supply of wood. Utilize portable electric space heaters. Keep a fire extinguisher in hand.
  • Install and check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Make sure you have sufficient heating fuel; you may have difficulty obtaining fuel in the immediate aftermath of a bad storm.
  • Service snow removal equipment, and have rock salt on hand to melt ice on walkways.
  • Let Faucets drip a little to help prevent freezing pipes
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Make a household disaster plan- Make sure all members of your household are familiar with how to contact one another in an emergency.
  • You should ALWAYS have an emergency supply kit & should be fully stocked to allow you to sustain yourself in the case you lose power.

If your home has been affected by water or fire during these winter months contact SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside and we will be onsite immediately to re-mediate any damages!

Plan Ahead! Tips on How to Make a Fire Escape Plan for your LONG BEACH/OCEANSIDE home

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Plan Ahead! Tips on How to Make a Fire Escape Plan for your LONG BEACH/OCEANSIDE home Plan Ahead! Tips on How to Make a Fire Escape Plan for your LONG BEACH/OCEANSIDE home.

If a fire breaks out in your home, you may only have a few minutes to get out safely. Everyone in your family needs to know what to do and where to go if there is a fire.

Here are some easy Escape Planning tips provided by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).


  • MAKE a home escape plan. Draw a map of your home showing all doors and windows. Discuss the plan with everyone in your home.
  • KNOW at least two ways out of every room, if possible. Make sure all doors and windows leading outside open easily.
  • HAVE an outside meeting place (like a tree, light pole or mailbox) a safe distance from the home where everyone should meet.
  • PRACTICE your home fire drill at night and during the day with everyone in your home, twice a year.
  • PRACTICE using different ways out.
  • TEACH your children how to escape on their own in case you can’t help them.
  • CLOSE doors behind you as you leave.
  • If the smoke alarm sounds GET OUT AND STAY OUT. Never go back inside.
  • If you have to escape through smoke, GET LOW AND GO under the smoke to your way out.
  • CALL the fire department from outside your home

If a fire does occur in your home be sure to call SERVPRO of Long Beach/Oceanside at 516-536-1801 after the fire is out and we will make it “Like it never happened.”

Have Mold? Don’t Panic!

11/20/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Have Mold? Don’t Panic! Mold in Basement

Mold exposure is a lot more common than you think! Whether it’s that funky orange film that forms in your kitchen sink, black spots on your shower tiles/curtains, or even a few fuzzy patches on your basement carpet.

Here are some quick tips to prevent mold growing in your home:

  • Dry wet areas immediately
  • Prevent moisture with proper ventilation throughout your home
  • Equip your home with mold resistant products
  • Monitor the humidity indoors
  • Invest in equipment (Dehumidifiers)
  • Direct water away from your home
  • Shut Windows & Doors when your AC is on
  • Cover the floor in your Crawl Space
  • Keep an eye out for standing water in your Basement or Crawl Space
  • Last but not least, call a professional!!

Homes can quickly become infested with mold! Sometimes in as little at 48 hours, in some cases, where water is present! Fortunately, here at SERVPRO Long Beach/Oceanside we specialize in 24 hour emergency service for Mold Remediation.

If you have a Mold emergency contact us immediately & we will send one of our highly trained staff members to assess your home!!

Winter is Coming!!

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Winter is Coming!! Before & After

As the seasons change and winter quickly approaches frozen pipes are a major concern for many homeowners.  The likelihood of a frozen pipe is dependent upon where the pipes are located in your home and how well they are insulated.

When water freezes in a pipe it expands. As frozen water expands the pipe will burst! This sometimes can cause serious damage to your home.

Here are some simple tips on how to prevent your pipes from freezing inside your home:
-Keep your thermostat set to the same temperature consistently day & night! Sometimes spending a little extra helps you save in the long run!
-Turn your sinks on! Running water through the pipe, just a small trickle will help keep water flow active & helps prevent the pipe from freezing.
-Open up your cabinets! This will allow warm air to circulate around all of your plumbing.

If your home has been damaged by water we have the expertise and equipment to quickly restore your property. Below are before and after images of a home that had significant damage due to a frozen pipe that burst in their attic causing all four floors of their home to experience terrible water damage. We at SERVPRO Long Beach/Oceanside arrived on the scene promptly & immediately provided service to this homeowner.